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Product Notes

All necklaces are sold with matching earrings, unless otherwise noted.

All jewelry comes with all-silver settings and/or clasps, unless otherwise noted.

All jewelry comes in a complimentary silk drawstring bag.

To reserve items, please contact Rhett via email with the item names and numbers (if available), quantities, and your contact information.

At this time, items can be shipped by special request only. for more information, please contact Rhett via email.

What Is Rhett's Imports?

In 2001, when Martha Dicus and Rhett Dunaway took a trip to China, they thought they would have a great time and an educational vacation, while seeing a fascinating, ancient culture.  They did just that!  But they didn’t know they would be laying the foundation for Tiger Imports.

On that trip, and on many since, they fell in love with all things Chinese:  history, culture, music, arts, handicrafts, landscape, and of course, with the people.  Tangible evidence of that unique culture and the skill and artistry of the Chinese people were the silks, pearls, jewelry, and other treasures Rhett and Martha brought back as souvenirs and gifts.  The beauty of these items—as evidenced in the “oohs” and “aahs” of the gift recipients—was the inspiration for Tiger Imports.

L'Empire de la ChineOn Rhett’s den wall hangs a 1751 map of China with a cartouche in the lower right-hand corner.  The cartouche has a Chinese man festooned in a colorful robe surrounded by silks, porcelains, jewels, pearls and other treasures.  The treasures celebrated on the 1751 map are the same types of treasures TI brings you today.

How Does Rhett's Imports operate?

Over many trips to China, we came to know numerous people.  The people included jewelers, pearl buyers, silk sellers, stall merchants, enterpreneurs, craftsmen and women from remote parts of China.   We see these folks each time we go.  From an initial handful of people, we met others.  We follow leads for beautiful and unique merchandise wherever they lead us—no alley is small, no store too grand, no Temple Fair too daunting—even if we are the only Westerners there and have to bargain with an abacus.  We have bought things in tourists markets, one room huts, huge unheated warehouses, in stairwells, and from a handsome Mongolian horseman who spread out his gold jewelry on our hotel beds.    From all these sources, we buy items, ask people to design new items, modify items.  We have often asked our Chinese sellers to create items based on an idea sprung from the mind of one of our customers.  Nothing is bought without being hand-picked.  Tiger Imports does not buy in bulk, does not buy sight unseen, does not buy from people we don’t personally know.

What does Rhett's Imports sell?

We sell what we like and what our friends and relatives have told us they like.  We sell contemporary and timeless items.  We sell freshwater pearls, hand-knotted in all shapes, sizes and colors.  We sell jewelry hand-made from semi-precious stones, in silver and in gold.  We sell porcelain shard boxes trimmed in silver and etched ox bone; cufflinks and key chains made from antique coins; and necklaces, bracelets, and charms, made from old blue and white porcelain and from new colorful porcelain.  We sell silk ties, silk scarves, and silk wraps.   We sell little girl sized pearls and brooches for Grandmother.  Almost always, our items have an Asian design—be it in the subject matter portrayed on the tie or scarf, in the dragon (the Emperor’s symbol!) clasp on the pearls, or in the calligraphy on the shard pieces.